About Us

The Melton District is made up of 4 rural groups and 2 town centre groups.

The District Executive is a group of people who oversee the running of Scouting in the district including the management of Holwell Pastures campsite.  The District Executive is headed up by the District Chairman and supported by the District Commissioner, District Secretary, District Treasurer and other Executive members.  If you are interested in being a member of the Executive please email meltonscouts@gmail.com

Each of the groups has their own Executive Committee  made up of volunteers and parents.  They undertake a variety of role from administration, looking after the finances, fund raising and making decisions on how the groups are run.

Each Group Executive Committee will appoint a Group Scout Leader (GSL) to oversee the running of the group.  The GSL is a point of contact for Section Leaders and will make sure they are there to offer support, advice and guidance on the running of the sections and ensure appointments and training are kept up to date.